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Oct 18, 2018

In Episode 10 of BUILT we dive deep into 4 “High Performance Techniques” that will help you think, feel and react better to business situations. Most entrepreneurs run at a “High Level” pretty much 24/7 and some do so to the point of BURN OUT!

There are several techniques and mental hacks that can be used to help you stay focused, healthy and perform more optimally. Aaron breaks down specific techniques including; 90 Degree Momentum, Listing For Success, Maximum Fuel for Optimization, and Supplements that will help “Peak” your performance.

This is a must listen as each of the components will help business owners, entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs perform at a higher level and get more efficiency out of their day.

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(4:44) What is an “Entrepreneur”


(11:08) 90 Degree Momentum


(17:11) Make a List and Stick to it


(21:45) Fueling Business Optimization


(27:53) Key Supplements to Help with Brain and Cognitive Function


(35:28) Contact Info


Contact Info:


IG- @Aaron_I_Garza

FB - Aaron Garza