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Oct 24, 2018

Episode 11 of BUILT is all about winning! Winning in business and in life. On this weeks podcast Aaron dives into the traits and personalities of top athletes and how their journey in sports translates into the world of business. 


Aaron discusses the parallels between business and entrepreneurship and how they feed off of each other. He focuses on over-preparation and how that defines your outcome. Complacency and it’s ability to keep you from winning championships in life. Aaron also zero’s in on “Thriving in Chaos” and how top athletes prepare, engage in and welcome chaos as a driver to success. This same Chaos will feed an Entrepreneur on his or her journey. 


Aaron also goes into why it’s necessary to Suck it Up and Shake it Off! This one is a good one and you’re not going to want to miss a single minute.


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(2:23) Built Master Class Info


(3:53) Aaron’s Sports History and Experience


(5:44) Why Preparation is Key 


(9:00) Why Complacency is the Enemy


(14:02) Thriving in Chaos


(22:55) Suck it Up and Shake it Off


(29:40) Contact Info



Contact Info:


IG- @Aaron_I_Garza


FB - Aaron Garza