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Oct 3, 2018

In Built Episode 9 Aaron Interviews the founder of "The Protein Cookie Company," Marina Carrasco Garza. Marina, who is also Aaron’s wife, shares her story of self discovery as she built her company into a 7 figure business. 

In the interview Marina talks about the struggles she faced as a woman entrepreneur and how she found strength and inspiration during some extremely difficult times. She also goes into big box retailing and how a big box store, like HEB in Texas, selects, buys and sells your product! If you have a product or an idea that you think can find its way into a large store like Kroger, HEB or Safeway then she will give you a clear cut path on how to get in there. 

She also discusses her current progress in manufacturing as she has teamed up with some of the biggest celebrities on the planet like (Mark Wahlberg and his company PI Nutrition) to create extremely valuable relationships. 


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